Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 1

Below is the beginning of my story. I would love comments/suggestions, etc - click here

Part I - Home.

She changes her contacts on schedule - the additional pop-up notification had gently co-chimed good morning alongside her alarm. One eye out, one eye in - never both out at the same time. She makes the bed and plumps her Buttercup cushions.
As she pulls up Good Morning Yoga, the room brightens. She mimics the yoga master through their usual refreshing morning routine. Every so often the master encourages her to shift her foot or hold her core - the reminders another step in the process of getting up. The lesson over, they smile and sign off.
Ridley states ‘Time to make your breakfast order’ and Kate responds “Toast, margarine, a dash of cinnamon sugar, and tea please.” Her order runs across the screen as confirmation.
“Ready in 7 minutes. Your bath’s ready”
“Thanks Ridley.” Kate smiles at Ridley’s peach palate. She changed it a three days ago and is pleased because it matches the morning lighting and her nuovo bedspread. Ridley, a she during the day, her interface a selection of pastel sets, shifts at dinnertime to slates and blues and a deeper voice. Having both male and female presences makes Kate feel balanced. It is also nice to have his deep voice at night if she stirs and has to set a reminder - his voice so soothing as he takes care of everything and tells her to go back to sleep.
Kate slips her toalla from the closet door, reaches over and set her status as Almost Ready and smiles as it turns peach. She slips into the steam of her beauty room anticipating the luxury of the hot bath.

Returning to her main room, Kate glances over her area to make sure it is presentable, and changes her status to Visible. Anyone she has given permission to can see her putter around her apartment, going about her day. She sits and pulls up her schedule. She signs up to take a lesson on Study Skills at 9:30, selects Analysis of Images at 10:30, gives herself a half hour lunch break and one hour to prep for a lesson at 1:00 on Modern Poetry. Smiling at the splatter icon, she signs up for a 2:30 Fingerpainting Class. Already scheduled into her calendar, as they are every day, are 3:30 Nap and 4:30 Social Hour. She is devout about her me-time and her you-time and refuses to compromise on either.
Her daily choices made, she patters over to the kitchenette and picks up her breakfast. Sliding her breakfast table over in front of her screen, she settles onto her Otto and smiles at its extra-comfort cushion she had just earned yesterday. And cute too - unlike this standard breakfast table.
“Ridley - remind me this evening to research breakfast tables. Especially ones that match my bedspread and cushions”
“Research breakfast tables at 7pm”
“That sounds lovely.” A soft ding confirmed her reminder.
Sammy messages her on the right - “I’m joining for breakfast”
Kate hits “Accept” on the message and Sammy’s image fills her life size area on Kate’s right.
“I love your breakfast slippers!” Kate shrieks “You must have gotten them on the Slipper Site.”
“Oh I hunted for these - not the Slipper Site but SlipperY Sales. I got the tip from John - he bought three pairs! You can get them in so many colors but the Ruby Red just made me melt.”
Kate turns to her left “Ridley - pull up the site SlipperY Sales. Sammy should have Liked it.”
On her left (and on Sammy’s right), the site appears in a bordered screen. Kate selects her size and a train of styles pads across the screen, prancing fashionable and fun, depending on the personality of the style.
“There’s the Comfy Morning” Sammy said as she selects it on her screen. On both screens the slipper gets bigger and a fan of colors arrays under it. “I almost chose Seascape - it just fits in Furry. Oh look - and Vanscape finally made it to slippers - it’s been forever since you could choose it in Pants”
“Five days is too long for sure. Oh, I can’t choose! You choose for me - either Sky Blue or the Ruby Red to match you for breakfast dates.”
“Oh match me! Today display, and matching tomorro!”
Kate smiled, tapped Ruby Red, selected faux sheepskin to line them, added them to her cart and tapped purchase. “You kno,” she commented as she sipped the last of her tea, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” Sammy smiles and bats her eyelashes. “Alright love, I have to go prep for Study Skills”
“And I for Setting Goals”
A muted chime as Sammy signs off and Kate picks up her breakfast plates, puts them back in the kitchenette, and pads in her old slippers to her makeup mirror to get ready for the day ahead.

Friday, December 2, 2011

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