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Paperless Research w/Greg Kulowiec 

EdCafes: Students Owning a Corner of their Universe

Lord of the Flies

April Madness
The Art of Witnessing

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January 2012 iPad x Macbeth The History 2.0 Classroom, by Greg Kulowiec
October 2011 Engaging the Adolescent Learner: 'Your Research Paper is Due: New Tools for a Familiar Task International Reading Association, co-authored with Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey 
October 2011 Paperless Essay Grading Tech With Intent, by Jaq de Haan

Around the World:

Woburn Memorial High School, Woburn, MA

July 2013  New Mexico Performance Assessment Network - Classroom Workflow & Technology Tools 

Inspire 2013, National Institute for Student-Centered Education, Boston, MA 

Learning First Alliance / Rhode Island 2013, Johnston, RI

CES Fall Forum, Providence, RI 

October 2012  The Cure for Ineffective Rubrics & Assessment - Leveraging Google Docs to Create Collaborative and Meaningful Forms of Assessment
MassCUE, Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

Massachusetts Teachers Association, Williams College, Williamstown, MA

May 2012 #sschat 'EdCafes in the Social Studies Classroom'

April 2012 EdCamp Boston

EdCampBoston, Boston, MA
I had 8 fantastic sophomores join me to present at EdCampBoston this year, and below you'll find the schedule of our sessions:

EdCampSS, Philadelphia, PA (the audio can be funny, but it's a great discussion)
SWTX Pop Culture Association 2012, Albequerque, NM  

EdCamp Boston 2011 (and mentioned in Greg Kulowiec's recap of that conference here
PCA/ACA & SW/TX PCA 2011, San Antonio, TX  

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