iPads in my Classroom

If you have an iPad, here's some help preparing yourself for success in my class: 

What will you need to do?
Take Notes: Evernote - set up an account, then create an English notebook
Annotate / Actively Read: GoodNotes - for annotating .pdfs and images - can send to Evernote and Dropbox (some people also like Notability)
Make hard copy handouts into digital files: DocScanHD - to create .pdfs from pictures you take of handouts - can save to Evernote and Dropbox
Annotate an image/screenshot: Skitch - to quickly mark up an image or .pdf - easy to send to Evernote
Read a book: iBooks (read any .epub) and Subtext (collaboratively read an .epub)
Store Files: Dropbox - set up an account - can make folders for different units
Create a Screencast: Explain Everything - create screencasts to explain ideas - uploads to YouTube
Create a Movie / Podcast: iMovie and SoundCloud are my favorites

Click here for a video on basic apps I recommend for my classroom. 

Bookmarklets to have
- PrintFriendly - transform a webpage into a .pdf - browser tool / iPad bookmarklet
- DotEPub - transform a webpage into a .epub - browser tool / iPad bookmarklet
- Evernote Clipper - saves the selection and the page into Evernote - browser tool / iPad bookmarklet

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