For my students:

This page has general instructions for setting up blogs and docs in my class. 

Google Docs Workflow
Writing Process Workflow
      - Idea development / Thesis Vine / Path to Purpose
      - Seven Steps to a Thesis
      - Outline
      - Rough Draft
      - Revising / Editing / Peer Editing
      - Submitting Your Essay
      - Metacognitive Letter - how to embed your letter on your blog

Setting up a Google Doc in Google Drive

Email -,
Google Doc Sharing -,
Research Process
     - Annotated Bibliography / Pearltree Assignment
     - Resources for Research Paper
Suggested iPad apps
Making a Blog

Google Docs: Workflow

Setting up Google Docs: Creation & Sharing
How to make and share a Google Doc with Ms. Kennett:

Title your paper:
First Last : Period : Paper # : Individual Title

Share your paper:, 

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Making a Blog: - go to www.blogger.comsign in to your google account - if you need your student account information, see me       some version of your student number - create a new blog - display name: first l  - title your blog _____: The Universal Human Experience    url: - make sure your profile only has your first name and last initial (no last name) - write your first post!  - hand in your rough draft by the end of the period *- fill out the form below *