Sunday, October 30, 2011

B Period Writing Triathlon!!!

Today you have a three-part writing challenge:
1) Goal: update me on your progress and get feedback
Submit your working thesis statement to the form below. I will ask questions and the feedback will show up when you refresh the page

2) Goal: To analyze as much as possible in 10 minutes
Click on this link. When the document opens, click 'file' 'make a copy'. Read the directions, set the timer, and write for 10 minutes.

3) Goal: To compile and co-write about the topic of fear
AFTER writing for 10 minutes: group leaders (in bold), create a document and invite your group members to it. As a group, compile your 10 minute free-write. Focus on including as much as possible from everyone, and on flow of ideas. This document, shared with me, titled correctly AND printed out, is due at the end of class.

Group #1 - Rachael, Bonny, Holly, Kayla
Group #2 - Meaghan, Alyssa, Emily
Group #3 - Marisa, Jenny, Greg
Group #4 - Allie, Brendan, Bethany
Group #5 - Tim, Jess, Bri
Group #6 - Steve, Morgan, Will
Group #7 - Sam, Kelsie, Merry

Good luck and have fun!

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