Friday, May 18, 2012

G Period - LotF Essay Process

Lord of the Flies Analytical Essay

- highlight journal books
- highlight history notes
- 7 steps to a thesis
- collect quotations

- T-chart of LotF / Civil War
- Outline (framework your ideas)

- rough draft (click on this link and follow the instructions EXACTLY)

Revising / Rewriting 
- share with a peer so they 'CAN COMMENT'
- ask them nicely to share 5-7 comments (looking at overall organization of ideas and supporting thesis)
- ask yourself:
      - does my thesis argue a side?
      - does the order of my body paragraphs help ideas build on top of each other?
      - do I lead in to the quotations/facts so the reader knows the situation they come from?
      - do I show my thinking behind including each quotation/fact? have I analyzed in a way that connects to the idea of my thesis?

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