Thursday, October 25, 2012

Variations on the Writing Process: Explaining Outlines via Screencast

Instructions for today's activities: 

1) Next person in line in the alphabet: _______________________
   Ask nicely for their email: _________________________________________

*sign out an iPad*

2) Watch Ms. Kennett’s youtube video about today’s activity (below)

3) Create a screencast of your quotations using Explain Everything. Focus on specific analysis and on how the quotation links to your greater point. Speak for about one minute per slide, but beware of going over - the file will get too large. If you make a mistake, click the left-pointing arrow and re-record over the slide.

4) Export your screencast via email.
___ yourself
___ your classmate

5) Listen to your classmate’s screencast and fill out the feedback form.

6) Check off the completed feedback form with Ms. Kennett! Celebrate!

Homework: fill out the form at the bottom of this post

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