Friday, January 4, 2013

Using Pearltrees to Collect Online Resources / Create an Annotated Bibliography

Pearltrees, an online curation platform, allows users to visually organize any resource that has a URL. This could be website, blogs, wikis, videos, images, etc., making it a powerful collection space for students as they research.

I have had students use this as a place to collect short stories for our short story unit. I also have it as an option for annotated bibliographies for my seniors.

The intellectual work is the same - students find resources, summarize them, and evaluate their use - but the visual collection space is more engaging and visually organized around topic (instead of forcing resources into alphabetical order).

Below, you have the collected pearls of my Fall 2012 Senior Dystopian Literature class. They commented on each pearl and wrote a brief summary, explained how the resource connected to their book, and cited the source.

We are on the brink of our Short Story unit, and a significant part of your assessment will be grounded in stories you select, read, and write about. Take today's class to set yourself up for success. 1. Create new account at 2. Create a NEW pearltree and title it with your First Name and Last Initial : FirstL_SStories (this should not be your 'root' pearl)
3. Add New Pearltree titled
3. Use advanced search, various genre terms, etc to find 5 short stories
4. Take the story URL and 'Add Pearl' --> 'Web Page'

If you are having difficulty, find 5 stories and email yourself the links.

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