Thursday, April 4, 2013

Non-Fiction Unit - Formal Submission Letter

Dear Sophomores - 

To 'hand in' your work for this unit, you will write me a formal submission letter. The purpose of this letter is to convince me that you have successfully completed the objectives of the unit. It's a great opportunity for persuasive writing - convince me what grade you think you deserve. 

Below, you will find a model / suggestions for how to complete each paragraph. Concern yourself with a cohesive and articulate letter, which may mean you don't answer every single question. 

This letter will be due on Wednesday. For extra credit, you can embed your letter into your blog, and add hyperlinks to your evidence of completing the standards (Pearltrees, your final product, etc). This takes a bit of patience, but will produce a beautiful final digital piece that you will be proud of. 

Ms. Kennett 

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