Thursday, December 13, 2012

Typing up Rough Drafts

Time to pull our intellectual brainstorming into a narrative! Use your writing process (idea development, thesis development, quotations and outline), to craft a rough draft. If you get stuck - ask me for help!

1) log onto google drive
2) create a new document and share it with me -,
3) title your document like this: first last : C : LotF : (title of paper) 
4) type your rough draft
5) insert a header which (in the top right corner) - Last # 
        - 'Insert' --> 'Header
        - justify to the right margin (do not just use the spacebar to go over)
        - 'Insert' --> 'Page Number' --> 'Top of Page' so it is next to your last name
6) print out your work at the end of the period (check that it looks like the example below)

For a reminder on how to embed quotations:

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