Monday, May 23, 2011

Interdisc: Outlining Your Story

This week, you have to outline your story. Read the following to help you make your outline. Mr. Fust and I will be looking at them during D and E period the day they are due. By checking before 'class,' we will be able to talk to you during class and help you shape your ideas.

Based on what you have read so far, you should have chosen a character to use in your story. In your HD notebook, you have started to compile 'research' on this character - for example: things they say, do, think, look like and the effects on others. This research will make it easy for you to write your own story, as this character is already constructed for you!

You have also been doing historical research on the time period in which your book was written. This research should help you choose what 'big ideas' will be at play in your story: individual, group, power, control, fear, society, government, etc. What problems does the book deal with, and why did the author want you thinking about them? Choose one or two 'big ideas' that you want to focus on with your character. Which ones have interested you the most as we have read this year?

Now, choose a unit we have studied this year in History. Think of one that you were interested in and would like to learn more about. Get out your Year-Long Term Sheet and choose terms (5-10 would give you a good brainstorming range) that could connect to your 'big idea' - which ones connect directly, and which ones could connect indirectly?

Writing Your Story
This is where you can get creative - is your story suspensful? mysterious? comical? ironic? clever? Based on how you have combined your three 'pieces' you will start to shape a story that ties together why we even think about the ideas, characters, and events that we have this year. This is your opportunity to shine! Mr. Fust and I are so excited to have worked with you all year - we can't wait to help you shape your final story - good luck and have fun!

To Do: 
1. Read through this post
2. REQUIRED: Comment on how well you understand this post, and any questions you have
2. Below is the the outline survey - fill it out BY 'e' period of the day you have it due


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