Friday, May 13, 2011

(Re)Vamping the Curriculum: Dracula Day #2

Here's our board - and the three 'spots' where we meet. Fifteen minute time slots give the groups enough time to read through and discuss their questions.

Converging to organize and group their questions! 

Considering the board...

Off to his session!

Answering their classmates' post-it questions.

Feedback: zoom in to see what different students said

Next class:
- work on asking different types of questions
- address concerns about being in different places of the book - 'it ruins it'
- consider asking for a 'group leader' to give feedback at transition time (or, some sort of 'smackdown' at end of period to bring 'ideas of the day' together)

- silent reading as one session and use this as format to explore different aspects of the text (one-class version of this unit)
- sort sessions by thesis statements rather than questions
- how to integrate into a College Prep course? (this is a motivated Honors class)
- how effectively merge this process into final assessment? So that they become dependent on each other?

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