Monday, September 17, 2012

My Dog Ate My Printer...

I've heard many excuses why students can't print their work, ranging from completely legitimate to completely silly. Here is one way I'm working around student printing woes.

Basically, you can email to your printer. You can print via any device that has email - cell phone, iPad, laptop, etc. - so students who type papers on their phones can easily submit them. Though it's heavy on the account set up at first, it's ease of use is worth it.

1. Set up a Dropbox Account

2. Set up a 'Send to Dropbox' associated with that Dropbox Account. It will give you an email - I renamed mine kkennettprintmeplease_**** Refresh your Dropbox tab, and you should now have an 'Attachments' folder in your Dropbox account.

3. Set up Google Cloud Print for the printer attached to your computer / Chrome sign in. You must be signed into Chrome on the computer that is hardwired to the printer.

4. Login to WappWolf and automate the following sequence:
      - Every time you put a file in 'Attachments'
      - Print via Google Cloud Print (choose your classroom computer option), and
      - Delete the original file (to find this, scroll to the bottom) - this is important so that student work doesn't build up in the folder.

5. Test it! Compose an email to your Send to Dropbox email and attach a file. It should:
      - go into your Attachments folder (you can watch this real-time if your Dropbox tab refreshes)
      - print out via your printer
      - delete itself from the Attachments folder

So, when students are having problems printing from home, simply have them attach their file to an email and send it to your Send to Dropbox account - within a couple of minutes it should print out!


  1. Ummm.... Why not just keep things 100% digital? You could simply insert comments to a Google Doc they've used to compose their writing assignment.

    --Andy Wolber

  2. this woman is a genius