Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Setting up Senior Project Blogs

Senior Project Blogs!

By the end of today's class, you will:
- establish and format a blog for Senior Projects
- draft and publish a post on this blog
- complete various blog challenges to help you get familiar with your blog

Get Started: 

  1. choose a blog platform and sign into it -blogger.com or wordpress.com
  2. create a clear title that describes the purpose of your blog (tagline optional)
  3. format the blog's layout - change the color scheme, the main fonts, the background images, etc. 

Challenge List:

  1. write a short bio in your profile or make an 'about me' page (the about me should be direct, professional, and quick) 
  2. write your first blog post! explain why you will blog in Senior Projects and what your personal goals are for the blogging
  3. attempt any of the challenges here (from Mr. Kulowiec's workshop!)
  4. play with non-cluttering widgets (link lists, polls, twitter feed, etc) 
  5. If you have an iPhone, download the free Blogger app and post a picture of this week's goals

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