Sunday, September 16, 2012

Using Google Spreadsheet as a Online Rubric: Setting Up

This weekend, with a fresh pile of summer reading essays in hand, I began the process of setting up my students' digital writing folders.

First, I started with a Google Spreadsheet formatted of a rubric I use.

Then, I clicked 'File' --> 'Make a Copy' and titled the new copy    Last, First : Period : Rubrics

               Example: Kennett, Katrina : A : Rubrics

Yes, this requires making a copy for each of your students. But, now, through the year I will have the ability to grade within a master rubric and then 'push' the graded sheet to that student's spreadsheet. (Screencast coming soon)

- time consuming at this point in the year

- you can share the document with students with varying levels of editing permissions
- you can share / publish specific rubrics to parents, special ed, etc
- you can provide links to rubrics in emails
- you can lock specific spreadsheets if you don't want

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