Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 in Sci Fi

We had 12 students in class... until 1 more showed. But we stuck to 12 rules, chose 1 column, and wrote for 12 minutes.

The date 12/12/12 has to be in the story

No letter L in the story at all

Tom Brady has to be in the story

write with the opposite hand

No ‘the’

No nouns
12 sentences

Something has to blow up

Has to make sense forwards and backwards
12 words per sentence

Apathetic aliens (or something)

Written in Spanish (or Latin) (or French) (or sign language)

Here's the best we heard today (read it top to bottom then bottom to top)

I felt so alone.
I really thought I had more time.
Why today?
I knew the world was supposed to blow up, but... 
It seemed so bizarre.
They had shuttles transporting people to Venus.
The shuttles bringing people to Mars couldn't make the trip, so
I had gotten on Number 27.V.
Slowly drifting away from Earth.
A sudden burst of heat.
It felt so cold watching everything I knew get destroyed.
I watched the Earth implode.

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