Monday, November 19, 2012

A Casual Evernote Experiment...

I introduced Evernote to my Junior advisory as a handy organizational tool. We had the iPad cart for the period so we set up accounts and played around with it a little. I showed a few ways of how I use it and explained why I liked it. I was curious how (or if) they would start using the app for their schoolwork. I will update this post as the reports/reactions come in...  

First Report In! 11/19 
In the hallway during study hall...
"Ms. Kennett - I've been using that app thing you showed us in advisory. It works great." -Allie
This is why Allie says she uses it:
     + still access notes when I don't have my stuff
     + wrote down homework in there
     + find myself more organized
Allie uses Evernote only on her phone, she access to the wifi at our school. Note: we didn't even have Advisory today and Allie caught me in the hallway and told me about it.

Advisory One Week Later... 
Maggie says she doesn't really want to use on her phone - "I feel like it's too small. On the iPad it's easier to see the visuals. I don't want to zoom in on all my notes and stuff. I don't want to type on my phone either - I feel like I can be more organized if I type it on the iPad."

Jess - "I feel like if I had an iPad it would be easier to use. I use Google Drive right now - on that app it's hard to type because you can't turn it sideways"

Brian - "It's confusing, and I don't have an iPad. Too much technology gives me a headache"

Kristen - shrug

Jason - "No - not interested, sorry"

Overall, it seems like it was good experience to expose them to Evernote, but without a personal purpose, this tool will stay in the toolbox until called upon. 

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