Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Examples

We talked in class about blogs, their purpose, and what they look like. Some of you said you don't read many, so I thought I would compile some examples of blogs that I read and enjoy.

Read at least three different posts across these blogs and tell three classmates and me 1) what you read, 2) what you thought, and 3) what you learned about blogs/blogging.

Brain Pickings - a variety of art, ponderings, the Beatles, some poetry, books, etc.
For the Love of Learning - clear and argumentative voice for change in school (he's from Canada)
A Stick in the Mud - a teacher who writes quickly about classroom happenings (and is a great doodler)
EdTechResearcher - Justin's most recent post is 'if you come across an iPad, smash it'
Grammar Girl - completely nerdy but very fun
David Zirin - focuses on sports and racism

Note the economy with words, how different each 'voice' is (think about how this translates to your own UHE blog), and how each post captures a single idea/has a single argument.


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