Monday, November 12, 2012

Term 2: Power in World Literature

This term, we will translate our investigation of power in Macbeth into an interrogation of power in texts from around our lives and around the world.

One goal of mine for a few years has been to fulfill a classroom writing goal of 1000 Words a Week. With a benchmark like this, I would be able to encourage multiple types of writing, from analysis, reflection, response, poetry, creative, etc. in low-risk ways and value it as formative assessment.

Below is my brainstorm from this morning, the evolution of my questioning about power (lower left), and my provocation to my students I'll put on the board tomorrow.

To consider:
- what to read alongside this writing goal
- workflow for checking on writing
- flexibility of benchmark for different students
- general topics of Term 3 & 4 to give balance to the year

Potential reading list (10th grade)
- Fahrenheit 451
- Things Fall Apart
- Lord of the Flies

Potential Workflow
- blue examination books (I give)
- student notebooks / journals (they buy)
- google docs (shared folder)
- Evernote (shared notebook)
Check once a week? M/W/F with 10 students at a time?

As a busy teacher (albeit sometimes too busy), I must say that these four day weeks are as important to my mental and physical health as they are to my creative classroom.

With that said, this is a special four day week I refuse to allow companies and sale promotions to co-opt. My leisure today is a gift from many, including veterans who have sacrificed for my freedom. Thank you.

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