Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dystopian Lit : Friday Tasks

First, take this survey. Enter the survey code S2013505. It is very important that you take the survey seriously - it is part of a yearlong process of 'self-study' that the school is doing to determine strengths and areas for improvement.

1) Finish your paper. Add to the title 'FINAL.' Make sure it is shared with me at
     Staple your packet in this order
        Notes: if your rough draft 'in' google docs, indicate it on a separate piece of paper. Make my life as easy as possible - it helps your grade.

2) Create a new blank Google Docs SPREADSHEET. Share it with me with both AND
Title it - First Last : Dystopian Lit : Rubrics

3) Work on your Book Trailer project (even though you don't have iPads - there IS prep work for you to do, like making sure you have all your quotations, connections to the real world, song suggestions - make a storyboard, slides for your project, etc.)

4) IF YOU ARE GOOFING OFF, Mr. Izzo will kick you off the computer and will leave me a note (and yes, there will be consequences for your immaturity...)

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